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Your Company's Blog? Not So Much.
Everyday, amazing tech companies have tons of high quality conversation. Conversations that could shape the future of internet. Conversations that prove the intelligence of your people and the values of your company. And yet, most tech companies are only publishing a blog post a week or less. Lots of remarkable content is lost to the ether forever, never marketing what you're about. Slogging is about elevating the best conversations you're already having.

The future of tech publishing revolves around transparency and distribution. To up your rate of quality publishing, Slogging will empower you to curate and distribute your best organic internal discussions via HackerNoon. 
one command to curate your most marketable Slack discussions into HackerNoon stories. 
Have a Great Slack Conversation
If you're a tech startup, this is constantly already happening. 

Create Draft - Slogging by HackerNoon
You'll be prompted to link your HackerNoon account, if you haven't yet!

The Thread Becomes a Tastefully Formatted HackerNoon Draft
Via HackerNoon, you can review/edit the story as much as you want before submitting.

Editors Review Your Tech Conversation for Publication in HackerNoon
Your tech conversation has the opportunity to reach our 4,000,000 monthly readers.
You own the content, and can publish it anywhere else too .

Slogging was built to repurpose insightful conversations as quality content. Here are just a few great use cases for the platform


Interview people via 1:1 conversations and publish the interview on HackerNoon.

No complicated formatting required.

A great and easy way to make listicles on your own or with input from others

Check out #self-posts and this article for an example of how clean this will look.

Slogging is a simple way to host an AMA without needing everyone to be online at the exact same time.
Help From the Community

HackerNoon is built and read by some of the best developers out there.

Stuck on a specific issue? See if someone in the community can help you out. Then, publish the solution as a helpful guide for others who may come across the same problem in the future.
Slogging Slack Blogging)
March 2, 2023
HackerNoon and the Time We Took the 16 Personalities Test
Slogging (Slack Blogging)
March 2, 2023
Khamisi Hamisi
April 12, 2023
Valentine Enedah
February 19, 2023
Manas Goel
November 8, 2022
Daniela Gerardo
January 31, 2023
Scott Mathson
Sr. Growth & SEO Manager at Amplitude
Agree! Makes sense they have a product to produce content in this way for their publication, but utilizing convos and unlocking internal knowledge in that way for external-facing content is great. We’ve been doing so/sourcing from other mediums like internal demos. But slack! Wow
AMA Guest
What an interesting (Slogging AMA) conversation with house loads of information.
Chuck Meyer
Dev Advocate at Algolia
I am fascinated with this (Slogging App)! I love how Hackernoon packages it, true, but the basic concept of using Slack chats to build a content bridge between engineering and tech writing? Hell yes!
Jeff Tang
Founder at T Party
Just learned about Slack blogging — "Slogging" The line between conversation and (evergreen) content is blurring
Founder at Strategygoto
Was a great pleasure to both be involved in curating this AMA and to edit the article! Slogging really makes content writing easy!
Desigan Chinniah
Advisor, Investor, Venture Partner and Board Member
Slogging? When that @davidsmooke @linhsmooke @duilen start doing crazy cool things with new methods of content and publishing...